Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking Turns

One of the ways I work with my son and clients on taking turns is thru games. Taking turns is one of the key components of communication. You have to let someone talk and then respond. So a great way to teach children about communication is by playing games where you have to take turns. Reinforce "who's turn is it?", "now it's your turn", etc. Having them practice waiting while someone else goes is a big deal for an anxious 2 or 3 year old.
Kayden's favorite game right now is Don't Break the Ice, he laughs and laughs when someone breaks the ice. He is like most 2 year olds and prefers to have all the turns but does pretty well w/ turn taking when we play this game.
Some great games to practice taking turns with toddlers are:
*Don't Break the Ice-it's always a huge hit and full of laughs!
*Memory-great to use because it reinforces taking turns, memory and you can expand it in many other ways to work on language
*matching games-there are some great color ones
*dominoes-another way to practice matching
*making puzzles and practicing taking turns

Toys R Us and other stores have a whole selection of toddler games. They are great ways to work on taking turns and communicating in general. Following directions is another important language skill that game play helps you work on!

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