Friday, January 15, 2010

Rhyme Time

Rhyming words are one of the earliest ways you can prepare your child for reading. One of the reasons rhyming is so important for reading readiness is because it's fun! Kids love to hear rhymes and since reading can be hard to learn it's great to incorporate fun ways to learn it! Rhyming is also important for early/emergent literacy because it teaches kiddos about word familes (i.e., fat, pat, bat, etc). Another great thing about rhymes is that it teaches children about playing with sounds, which is important for speech and language development.
Fun times that Kayden and I work on rhymes are during bathtime, as I scrub each part of his body we rhyme words with that body part-arm= farm, harm, alarm; head= red, said, bed, fed, bread; etc. Bathtime is where we started rhyming and by the time he was 2 he could recognize rhymes and tell us if words rhymed or if they didn't and make his own rhymes. We also like to rhyme words in the car as we pass different things, sign= line, fine, whine, dine; tree= bee, see, tee, me, fee.
This website has fun activities for rhyming=

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