Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Post Office

Writing letters and making cards for family members is a fun way to work on written language with your kiddo. And as a reward, whoever they write letters or draw pictures for will usually write them back:)

Kayden loves making pictures for our family that isn't close. We also usually write them a letter, he tells me what he wants to say and I transcribe it for him. We talk about how letters start with - Dear XX, and how they end w/ - Love, Kayden (or whatever other closing you choose). After his hard work on his artwork or letter we work together to write the address on the envelope and his return address on the top and talk about where each belongs and that you have to have the address it goes to on the envelope so that the postman knows where you want it to go. You can adjust this activity for different ages and ability levels by having them do more or less of the activity by themselves.

After we are finished we go to the post office and he puts the stamp in the upper right hand corner and drops it off in the slot. While we are there we talk about alot of the post office vocabulary and he asks me questions about "how do they know where to take it, why do we drop it in that slot?", etc. It's a great learning opportunity and language developer!

And then he patiently awaits a return letter or package from the receiver of his special artwork, card, or letter.

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