Friday, January 15, 2010

By 3 months

Here is a pic of my little guy showing off his communication skills with his big smile!

So I was smiling and talking with Brecken today and realized he was doing all the things 3 month old babies should be doing to show that their communication is "on track". With Breck the most important thing I do is talking to him, the best stimulation for a baby 3 months and under is a mommy's face so I give him alot of face time and let him hear my voice while talking or reading him stories. He also loves the mirror and will coo at himself forever while he looks at himself in the mirror during tummy time.

By 3 months most babies will:

-Smile when mommy appears or when you smile at them
-Startle when they hear loud sounds
-Make "cooing" sounds
-Quiet or smile when spoken to
-Recognize their mother's voice
-Cry differently for different needs (have different cries)

The next milestones in communication for babies are usually by the end of 6 months babies will:

-Make gurgling sounds when playing with you or are left alone
-Babble repetitive syllables, such as "ba, ba, ba"
-Use his voice to express happiness or unhappiness
-Move his or her eyes in the direction of sounds
-Respond to changes in the tone of your voice
-Notice that some toys make sounds
-Pay attention to music

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