Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Police Cloud by Christoph Neimann

The Police Cloud by Christoph Neimann is a super cute book about a cloud that wants to be a "police cloud". The fact that he is a cloud makes it hard for him to stop criminals, this makes the cloud sad so he starts to cry. His tears put a fire out on a building that is on fire so the firechief wants him to be apart of the fire department. I love that it has such a sweet ending and that the little cloud ends up happy with a big fireman hat on.
Kayden really liked this book and asked to read it every night that we had it from the library. We were able to talk about some new vocabulary words like; criminal, robber, and sunbathing. He loves any book that has to do with firemen or policemen because to him they are heros so a book that has both in it is a sure winner in our house!

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