Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Offer Choices!

To get your little one to talk. Offer choices! Don't make all the decisions for them, give them some power! Showing them that communicating gives them power is one of the best motivators for them to TALK! When giving them their food, ask if they want the yellow or blue bowl, the sippy or big boy cup, the strawberries or grapes. Giving them 2 choices and having them verbally request one is a great way to give them "power" without you loosing power, your still choosing their 2 options. And the choice won't take forever:) If you give a 2 or 3 year old 5 choices it's too overwhelming and you'll be waiting a really long time for that answer. So offer 2 choices several times a day. Another positive of giving them choices, they will feel like "winners" during the day so they will be more likely to let you win some battles too, like taking a bath when you need them too, etc.
As their communication skills grow, increase the demands of the choice they make. Now they can't just say "yellow" for the yellow bowl, they have to say "yellow bowl". Once they are good with the 2 word requests, extend it more, "yellow bowl please", then "I want the yellow bowl, please" and so on.

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