Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oral Motor Exercises

Playing with bubbles

Some mommies have emailed me asking for ideas to work on oral motor control and strength for their children with decreased tongue, lip, cheek strength and tone and/or coordination.
Some fun ways to work on this with little kiddos are:
-Blow Bubbles!-kiddos love it and it helps them make the "ewww" sound
-Use a straw
-Play with a harmonica
-Blow a kazoo
-lick ice cream cones-works on tongue movement
-put sticky peanut butter (of course if kiddo isn't allergic) on their lips and they have to lick it all off with their tongue
-blow a whistle

Have fun!


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  2. Blow Bubbles!-kiddos love it and it helps them make the "ewww" soundoral motor tools