Friday, February 5, 2010


Mommies put in the comment section what your child is working on, what their diagnosis is and what you'd like more info on or ways to work on skills! Or let me know if you have a typically developing child and just like to encourage language growth! I've had alot of readers send me emails and such but I'd love for you to start using the comment section!

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  1. Hi, there! I've commented before, and I read your site all the time. I just love your advice - especially about little day-to-day things we can do, like your pizza post. Since then, I've had my 15 month old help me make her sandwiches when she has them for lunch. (No knives, just bread, cheese, meat). She sees an OT because she has sensitivities to sound and touch, so we spend a lot of time brushing her, etc. But that always feels like "work" so I love the ideas you give that help incorporate speech development into regular activities.

    This is only tangentially related to speech, but I would love to see a post with suggestions for increasing attention span. My little one can't sit through more than a couple of pages of a book before she's arching her back, trying to get out of there. She's got a very short attention span in general, and doesn't play with a toy for more than 5 -10 seconds before going on to different one, but she can spend a long time running back and forth, banging into our two couches. I've tried making funny voices for the characters, using the touch and feel books, etc. She will spend the most time on the books when I ask her, "Where's the elephant?" and we've gotten to the point where I can point to things and she'll name them. (My favorite word she says right now is "Oweeetatahh" (aligator) followed by "tomp tomp" (chomp chomp).) She also only reads books standing up, leaning against the couch. I can't get her to sit down and read them with me. I'm thinking about trying to give her a pacifier while we read to see if that helps with her concentration. (I know I concentrate better when I chew gum, so maybe the pacifier will be helpful in the same way.) I've been hesitant to do that because since she was born, I've stuck firmly to the rule that she only gets a pacifier when she sleeps, so she doesn't seem to realize that the pacifier exists outside of her crib.
    Which leads me to another thing I'd love to hear your advice on. The pacifier: Evil speech preventor or not?

    Thanks so much for writing this blog. I read all your entries to my husband and we use a lot of your suggestions.