Sunday, March 7, 2010

Buster by Denise Fleming

Buster by Denise Fleming is a book about a dog that is spoiled and loved by his family. Then they bring home the unthinkable-a cat! Buster decides to ignore Betty and Betty in turn decides to do everything she can to get Buster's attention. Once Buster reaches his breaking point he runs away to a park and enjoys all his favorite things without Betty there to bug him. But when he wants to go home he can't find the way and he decides he is lonely and lost. Luckily Betty is high up in a tree and he uses her as his landmark to get back home. The story ends with Buster and Betty being friends and Buster realizing he is happy to have Betty at home with him.

I used this book to talk about how Buster wasn't very happy that Betty came home, kind of like how Kayden wasn't/isn't very happy sometimes that he has his brother at home. And then reinforced how happy Buster realized he was to always have a friend at home with him. Seemed to click a little with my little guy, we'll see how long it carries over with his relationship with baby brother:).

Vocabulary words to work on: IGNORE, ATTENTION, CURVY, LONELY, and FAMILIAR.

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